Glastonbury Chess Club
Glastonbury 3.5   Taunton Bishops 0.5 Last season Somerset Chess Division 3 ended in an unprecedented 4-way tie.  This year is proving to be even more competitive as all seven clubs still retain strong title-winning chances. Glastonbury recently hosted Taunton Bishops in a contest where the winner would be rewarded with a move to top-spot in the league. The Thorns were given an early boost when team captain Barry Thornley conjured-up a devastating trademark knight fork that gave his opponent no possible escape.  Then league newcomer Haroon Symonds showed no sign of first-game nerves as he moved to a forceful victory. On top-board Theo Kirby agreed a draw which ensured both match points for Glastonbury before a final win by Roger Fenton cemented an overwhelming scoreline. Posted 26 February 2018
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