Glastonbury Chess Club
Trowbridge  4  Glastonbury 4 (Glastonbury win on tie-break) Glastonbury reached the final of the Somerset Cup last week, but by the closest possible margin. After two hours of play the Thorns held a 2-0 advantage following forceful wins for Matthew Turner and schoolboy Oliver Howell.  This promising situation then changed dramatically for the worse as three successive defeats put Trowbridge into the pole position of a 3-2 lead. After a long drawn-out battle Barry Thornley crucially restored parity so the result of the evening was in the hands of Glastonbury's Theo Kirby and Tim Wallis.  17 year-old Kirby appeared to have slightly the worse of an extremely complex position but played at a very high level in ensuring his game was drawn. Then Wallis, who seemed to be facing an almost certain defeat, found an amazing resource that allowed him to force another draw that, as in the previous round, proved to be a last-gasp reprieve for his team. With the match score now tied at 4-4 the Somerset Cup tie-break rules were consulted and these confirmed that it was Glastonbury who had prevailed. Posted 12 February 2018
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