Glastonbury Chess Club
After an unprecedented four-way tie, last week Glastonbury were confirmed as joint-champions of Somerset League Division 3. With three matches to go the Thorns had given up all thought of the title as they were four points behind the leading clubs.  But, after winning all their remaining fixtures, an amazing sequence of results among their rivals moved them to the top of the table. Then it was discovered that the league tie-break rules, that had worked well for many decades in deciding the winner when two teams were involved, did not work if the number was higher. At the Somerset AGM last week several suggestions were made as a possible way to decide the issue, but none of these were unanimously agreed as viable. So, for the first ever time, a Somerset league trophy will be without an individual name and simply inscribed, "2017 - 4-way tie". Posted 12 June 2017
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